About Us

Brainiac Digital SolutionsThe existence of Internet for over two decades has created a completely different business environment. The existence of many renowned companies would have been just a dream without professionally designed websites. If you are looking to take your business to unparallel heights, BRAINIAC Digital Solutions is the answer.

BRAINIAC Digital Solutions has access to the best technologies that will help you take your business to the next level in today’s ever growing digital world. We are a team of enthusiastic and skilled professionals from around the globe specializing in web designing, content creation, e-commerce site development, site optimization, domain registration and social media marketing. To sum it up, we are here to cater to requests for all things that are digital. The BRAINIAC team is dedicated to ensure that you receive a world class service at a local rate. We work tirelessly to deliver results of the highest standards and personalized to your specifications. We are not satisfied until you are.


Your Success Is Our Priority

Our BRAINIAC team will always provide digital solutions that are completely focused on your business. We know how important it is for an organization to have an online presence and to thrive in today’s highly competitive market. Whether you are a non-profit or commercial organization, we have answers to all your online business needs. Your website is the first point of interaction for your customers. It is a necessity for your website to help increase your brand value and contribute towards its growth. If it is not doing so then your website could very well become a burden. We eliminate all such possibilities by applying excellent design and coding strategies. We apply the best methods that are available in design, usability, search engine and social media marketing suite. Your success is our priority.


Our Work Culture

We at BRAINIAC believe in working with our customers and hence consider you as a part of the team. We try our best to minimize your efforts once your requirements are clear to us. Once the initial requirements analysis phase is completed and we have reached a consensus around objectives, we start with your project. We keep you updated along the way and keep you across all milestone achievements. We adopt a holistic approach to build each and every website. The elements that are included in the website are chosen in such a manner that there is no conflict between the various modules.

This ensures that your website performs in a brilliant way and exceeds your expectations. We ensure that you can dominate your area of choice with the help of your website whether it is for a non- profit organisation, commercial business or just around awareness building & information generation. Our concentrated efforts will ensure that your website and your objectives are a perfect match.


Business & User Focus

Websites are an integral business tool and needs the right investment in terms of time & money for optimum performance. Any work we undertake & deliver will always be based on sound commercial principles and will follow the industry best practise guidelines. Our expertise lies in knowing the digital market. We invest heavily in our team and their skills. They will focus heavily on understanding your target audiences and addressing their expectations while developing your website. The site will be developed such that your customer’s journey through the site is nothing less than satisfactory.


Style and Feasibility

With the availability of advanced technologies, building a website with great looks and advanced features is now achievable. However, it is important to understand which features are a necessity and which a luxury. The finite nature of budget & time is what impacts the functionality of a website. Our highly skilled and professional team will always ensure that your website not only looks a fantastic but also attracts and retains your target audience. After all the more time they spend on your site the more time they have to engage with your brand.

Our Skill

Incredible results and excellence can be achieved with creativity, technology, strategy & hard work. We at Brainiac Digital will always works towards achieving the best results for our clients.









Team of BRaiNiaC

We have a highly prefessional & dedicated team working hard to achieve the high standards desired by you.




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